Overcome Unproductive Document Searches with Electronic Document Management

The Problem and Its Cost 
More than one-third of employees today spend at least 10 hours per week searching for information online, according to SearchYourCloud.com. The average executive wastes six weeks per year searching for important documents. This data chaos is costly. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, it costs a company $20 to file a document, $120 to find a misplaced document, and $220 to reproduce a lost document. Can your business afford to throw away that kind of money? 

Electronic Document Management
Electronic Document Management (EDM) helps to solve the problem of document chaos. Capture documents, record the contents in searchable format, and link metadata with an EDM system. Once digitized, documents can be managed, distributed, searched, and archived with ease. EDM can preserve critical business information while protecting it, with options for r...

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