DocuWare REQUEST Scanning Services
Searchable, sharing and distribution of documents

Painlessly convert your paper files using Stover Imaging's DocuWare REQUEST scanning services.

You will be able to search/retrieve your documents using a built-in searchable browser.  The search menu will be tailored to your specific requirements.  Whether you need to search based on invoice#, purchase order, dates, company names etc. you get to decide how you want to search for documents.  You may also do a full text search over your complete electronic file cabinet(s).

Stover Imaging will scan and index your documents for you.  All you need to do is search/retrieve for your documents.  How painless is that?

There is no software to purchase using our DocuWare REQUEST Scanning Services.

Call Larry to find out what it will cost to get you into a DocuWare REQUEST electronic filing system today.


Larry Stover at 989-496-9247


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