The Olympics of CHANGE
Simple tools to get you started.

Keeping in the spirit of the Summer Olympics, we get to witness the world’s most awe inspiring athletes challenging themselves beyond physical and mental limits. That makes it a perfect time for us to re-assess our own challenges in business, relationships, health and personal goals. Universally, change no matter what size, carries a lot of weight – but it doesn’t have to. Change can come in many flavors: perspective, paradigm shift, habit, response, reaction, or process. Idea: Give that autopilot a little coffee break and determine if the current route is truly the best one. Use this as a tool for change management; assess pain points and flush them out.

  1. Evaluate & assess current situation
  2. Know the Why
  3. Benefits & disadvantages of changing
  4. Benefits & disadvantages for staying the same
  5. Obstacles
  6. Skills & knowledge required
  7. Help from resources, people, or groups
  8. Plan of action & deadlines (calendar)
  9. Monitor & track progress
  10. Repeat!

Many companies are able to go through substantial changes and experience extraordinary results by using a similar process. You and your team will have an improved perspective while getting unstuck and leaping over hurdles like an Olympian.

Written by Laura M. Moutal,  Manager of Marketing & Communications at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

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