Environmentally sound. Technologically advanced.
The e-STUDIO306LP is a revolutionary design in Toshiba’s award-winning MFP lineup. It’s the first MFP of its kind to incorporate a unique, erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and reused multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, you help reduce solid waste streams and air and water pollutants. This all-in-one MFP will help your small to medium workgroup save money and the environment.

Toshiba's new MFP enables organizations to set an example for their employees while asserting their ecological leadership. By reusing the same sheet as many as five times, users dramatically minimize paper usage while lessening CO2 emissions by up to 57 percent, as validated by the British Standards Institute, a global national standards organization.

• Black & White MFP
• Up to 30 PPM  
• Small/Med Workgroup   
• Copy, Print, Scan, Fax   
• Secure MFP  
• Fully Erasable Toner   
• EPEAT Registered

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