Create Perfect Presentations
Creating a great presentation takes a huge amount of planning in order to succeed, combining knowledge, materials needed, audiovisual effects, and showmanship to come together as a vehicle to inspire, motivate or gain the desired results intended. Here are some quick tips to improve your presentations:

Get your thoughts in order and create an outline to help you better organize and prepare your information. Then elaborate from your outline to create your final speech. Use personal examples and brief stories in your speech to emphasize a point that supports your topic. Be willing to share yourself with the audience to create credibility and likeability.

Enhance the “entertaining” portion of your presentation with the latest state-of-the-art media tools. Choose a whiteboard to bring presentations to life, highlighting images controlled by a mouse. Use a good audio/visual set up where you can manage your A/V equipment, DVD player, lights, camera, streaming media and PC applications. Remember that color is important in drawing attention to key points of interest, so use it strategically.

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