7 Essential Electronic Document Management Best Practices for 2018

Here are 7 best practices if you’re considering a document management solution for your organization:

1. Set specific goals and key metrics – Specify the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure progress.
2. Prioritize business processes to automate – Focus on key processes that are most important to the business and in line with your goals to automate first.
3. Consider additional automation opportunities – By automating document capture, it’s possible to gather any information type and make the contents searchable. Intelligent workflow management then detects the document type and automatically routes it to the right people.
4. Capture content close to the point of origin – Capturing your content as close to the origin as possible increases efficiency and improves data quality. 
5. Improve on paper-based processes, instead of emulating them – When you’re setting up digital processes, ask why you followed a certain procedure in the past, and whether those steps are necessary in this new context. 
6. Align indexing with business needs – Use an indexing system that matches your business needs. Too many index fields can make it difficult to capture documents.
7. Keep the user interface simple – Simplifying the interface makes it easier for a person to accomplish their tasks.

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