How to Measure and Improve Employee Productivity
Here are a few ways to measure and boost productivity in your office.

• Measure output, not time. Some businesses are so focused on making sure employees punch in and out at the time clock, that they forget to keep track of the things that really matter—like projects completed each month, new customer sales, or the success of recent campaigns.

Encourage accountability. Have everyone write their goals on a shared document, collective whiteboard, or company Facebook page. Employees will be motivated to work harder when they see others succeed at a faster pace.

• Reduce redundancies. Many workflow processes contain unnecessary redundancies that inhibit productivity. Instead of only focusing on what your employees are doing, zero in on the details and analyze how they are getting things done. Oftentimes, you can significantly increase company-wide productivity by making simple changes, like implementing a document management system for departments with paper-intensive workflows.  

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