Shift Away from Paper in 2019: 6 Key Business Processes to Digitize
It’s 2019 and companies are still relying on paper-based processes which slows down employee performance and productivity. You may have heard the phrase “Go paperless”, but we suggest a realistic paper-to-digital shift approach. With a modern document management solution, you can kick off digital transformation by digitizing documents and automating key processes at a rate that works for you. Don't be bound by paper's physical limitations – employees at any office can carry out key processes. Here are 6 digitized processes to consider implementing this year:

1. Employee onboarding: An onboarding process is very paper intensive, from filling out health insurance forms to direct deposit slips and emergency contact information. Replace redundant documents with a streamlined digital form and automate data delivery to multiple departments. An employee fills out one form and is ready to hit the ground running. 

2. Invoice processing: When a paper invoice arrives, staff have to manually input it into the accounting system. With digitization, data entry is replaced with electronic invoices or a combination of scanning and OCR processing. A workflow automatically kicks off the next AP step. This can enable early payment discounts, improved vendor relations, and more favorable pricing.

3. Purchase-To-Orders: Every enterprise has policies about who is allowed to purchase and dollar level approvals. This can be automated: a PO is put through to accounting staff via a digital form and that order is assigned a number which is then put into the accounting system. Discrepancies between POs and invoices can be caught automatically.

4. Content approval: When an employee is finished reviewing a document, it then goes to the next person in a chain. With digital workflows, all responsible parties receive the same document in their inbox at once for faster, more efficient approvals. Set email reminders and alternative approval routes if someone is out of the office.

5. Compliance/Safety/QA: These documents are passed around the office with a coversheet carrying names and signatures. But digital workflows ensure documents follow a correct process path before the final approval. User audits provide insight into who took actions on what documents.

6. Audit preparation: In a paper-based process, auditors travel off-site to find every record relating to a customer or business entity. With document management, these documents can be collected simply and electronically via a digital file cabinet with a searchable browser. No more wasted time digging through paper files or locating missing documents.

Are you ready to take the leap this year and start digitizing your paper-based processes? Click here to download our guidebook on how to implement a paper-to-digital initiative and click here to register for the 20-minute live demo taking place on Thursday, January 17th.

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