Case Study – DocuWare Delivers Streamlined Processes and Reduced Document Retrieval Times to Jamestown Container Companies
Jamestown Container Companies is a leading packaging solutions supplier with five facilities located throughout New York and Ohio. Jamestown needed a solution to store thousands of documents throughout their accounting departments as the space for physical documents was becoming too difficult to manage. It also had to digitally manage all proof of delivery documents for shipments. DocuWare was chosen as the best-fit solution for their needs.

DocuWare Benefits:
• Digitization of delivery process streamlined process across billing departments 
• Automatically index, store digital proof of delivery email into DocuWare using Connect to Mail
• Document retrieval time has vastly been reduced
• Improved customer service to due faster follow up times
• Freed up space has been remodeled into new office space
• Expanded use to sales and production processes, and many other document types

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