Cultivating a Top-down Company Culture
Here are a few tips for cultivating a company culture that reflects the values your company holds.

Create a cultural language. Create a mission statement. Beyond the more business-centric goals, this mission statement should articulate the relationships you hope to build with clients and coworkers. When you’re done, sit down and create a list of words and adjectives that echo this mission statement.

Don’t take culture for granted. Don’t stop at the blueprint. Mission statements and corresponding vernacular only go so far. You must remind yourself not to drift from your core cultural statement, even when times are particularly stressful. On the contrary, when things get tough, double down on your culture.

Model your behavior. Whether you like it or not, what you do affects others. Furthermore, what you do echoes louder than the team you are guiding. Your words and actions are at the very heart of your corporate culture.
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