3 Ways to Avoid Office Politics
1. Keep perspective! An effective strategy in avoiding office politics is keeping things in perspective. In any closed environment, it is easy to lose perspective and inflate the importance of other people’s drama. But, the next time you're in the middle of some gossip, remind yourself that far more important things to focus on exist.

2. Dive deep! Oftentimes, life in the corporate world can be monotonous. When you find yourself bored, it is easy to slip into office politics as a way of making the day go by faster. Treat your work like a challenge and dive deep. Suddenly, you will be less likely to start or engage in office politics.

3. Be nice, even if you don’t feel like it!
Remind yourself to be kind—even to those who might not return the favor. If someone else is succeeding faster than you, practice kindness by congratulating him or her.

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