Avoiding Threats in the Cloud
Cloud-based applications can be very convenient, especially for accessing or sharing information when working remotely. But, the cloud is not always secure.

Here are a few steps you can take to protect your cloud assets:

Educate the masses.
Cloud services are often adopted at the top levels of a business or within specific workgroups, without consulting the IT department first. But, it’s critical that end-users understand how to safely use cloud applications before they are adopted.

Know your cloud use.
Many companies are unaware of the cloud services their employees are using. This opens the door for data breaches, data loss, and account hijacking—which, are generally regarded as the top three threats to cloud computing.

Protect your files. Consistent security policies can ensure control of your files regardless of where they are stored or accessed. You decide who can view, modify, or print your files, whether they are on a laptop, mobile device, or desktop computer.
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