Impacts of 3D Printing
Although 3D printing isn’t commonplace just yet, it will soon have applications far beyond traditional offices, and will accelerate the manufacturing of customizable products

Impact on Inventory - Someday in the not-so-distant future, you’ll walk into your local auto-parts store and request a specific part. Big surprise—it’s out of stock. But wait! A 3D printer can make your part in a matter of minutes. Now that's service on demand!

Impact on Quality of Life - There was a story in the news recently about doctors using a 3D printer to help a baby breathe—that’s pretty important stuff! And you can bet that it greatly improved that family’s quality of life.

Impact on Technology - Someday, 3D printers will also impact our personal technology experiences. With home 3D printers, we can download printable objects that you can print instantly in the comfort of your own home. Now there’s a game changer for you.
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