Maximizing Business Travel
Corporate travelers often have a lot of things on their minds, so here are a few time-management tips to help you stay focused the next time business takes you out of the office.

Plan Ahead. Always schedule formal and casual meetings in advance of your trip, then send Outlook event reminders so everyone stays on the same page. Similarly, do some research on your destination in advance, so you know what you want to do and some good places to eat.  

Pack Wisely. If you’re flying to your destination, avoid checking your bags if you can. If you must check something, be sure to pack essentials in your carry-on luggage.

Maximize Downtime.
Identify where you’re likely to have some free time in your schedule and be prepared with what you need to complete other work duties—like your laptop, charger, Wi-Fi card, contracts or files, etc. Use short breaks for practical tasks like keeping up with emails, and longer stretches for more in-depth projects. Plan some time for sightseeing or relaxing, too. It may be a business trip, but you can still have fun!

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