It’s All Gravy: Handle Large Volumes of Documents with Intelligent Document Filing Software
Are you finding it hard to manage documents across your IT landscape and multiple office locations? Take control of your document management with digital filing software and witness the benefits: 

Import documents from multiple sources: A modern document management solution monitors selected folders on your network scanners, ERP systems, email servers, or other applications to automatically move files into a centralized database. All documents funnel into one digital, accessible location that is synced with other applications for consistent data quality. 

Ensure accurate, intelligent indexing: Once the documents are imported, intelligent capture tools can automatically extract the essential information to store them in the correct digital filing cabinets. Automatic data capture is faster, safer, and more sophisticated than manual data entry. 

Improve employee productivity: The solution can then use digital workflows to automatically route them to the appropriate queues for processing. Your team receives the documents they need faster and has more time to focus on value-driven work.

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