Start the New Year Off Right - Get Your Email Organization in Shape with Robust Email Management Software
Managing email can be a mundane part of business life, but it’s actually extremely important to certain teams in your company: customer service, customer success, support, shipping, and sales are just a few. They need to keep on top of their constant communication with customers and prospects so it’s important that email storage is transparent, accessible, and organized well. Are you wondering how to manage email? This can be achieved with automated email management software.

If a team member is out, the next team member needs to be able to pick up where the other one left off. If a customer calls in with an important question and they have access to all prior email, then your team can continue business as usual. Set your company up for success; below are key reasons why you should consider adding Outlook email management or any modern email management solution into your business:

1. Create a searchable email database: Seamlessly integrate a document management system into Outlook (or other mail service) with its own menu tab. Using this tab, easily store the email with the appropriate index words. Thanks to indexing fields plus a fulltext field, emails in the document pool are easy to find again and are available throughout the entire organization, provided users have the right permissions.  
2. Improve customer service: Archived email and attachments can quickly be displayed again in Outlook. For example, if you have an email from the company Peters Engineering, you can bring up all email received from this company with a click of a mouse. 
3. Stay compliant: Emails can be subject to retention periods and audits so they must be archived appropriately. As soon as you store an email into the document management system, it can be deleted from Outlook. 
4. Kick off digital workflows: Set up automatic archiving for any incoming email. For example, a team leader receives invoices which are then moved to the “Invoices” folder via a forwarding rule. The solution can watch this folder and automatically save incoming invoices to a file cabinet which then can kick off a workflow to start the next step in the AP process.
Now that you have a good grasp of modern email management, are you ready to see it in action? Click here to register for the 20-minute live demo taking place on Thursday, December 13.

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