What to Look for In Managed Backup
Here are some things to keep in mind for when you are choosing a managed IT backup solution.

Peace of mind. Managed IT backup ultimately means less worrying and fewer headaches. This is because with managed backup, you do not have to oversee every detail. On the contrary, neither you nor your customers must be involved in the process, as data is stored automatically.

Ready, set, go. Backups should be ready even when you’re not. They should restore data and associated systems efficiently so you can minimize downtime and focus on your business.

You’re in charge. A good, managed IT backup solution will allow you to restore specific files or entire systems at your discretion. This means transferring information to new or different hardware.

Little by little.
Managed IT backup does not mean your entire system is backed up on a regular basis. Instead, incremental backups only store what has changed since the last backup. This reduces processing power and saves time.

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