Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid
Apply these tips to your business writing to boost your professionalism.

Affect vs. Effect  Affect is a verb; effect is a noun: The teacher’s retirement affected the class. The effect was surprising.

Fewer vs. Less  Use fewer when referring to countable objects, and use less for intangible concepts, like time: There are five fewer seats in this conference room. I spent less than one hour setting up.

Farther vs. Further  Farther references physical distance, and further is for metaphorical distance: Henry ran farther than Peter. Please let us know if you have further changes.

A lot vs. Alot –
A lot is always two words. “Alot” as one word doesn’t exist.

Between You and I – People often say this in an effort to sound sophisticated, but the correct phrase is, “between you and me.”

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