Workflow Automation is in the Air: A Must-Have Tool to Ensure Business Growth
According to Deloitte, investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to run your organization’s business processes cannot be just another consideration but a must for survival. If you still rely on slow, manual processes, you’re holding back business growth and employee productivity. From Deloitte’s 2018 survey, State of AI in the Enterprise, the top five benefits of AI allow you to: enhance current products, optimize internal operations, make better decisions, optimize external operations, and free workers to be more creative.

How can you start your AI journey, to be future-ready and stay ahead of the competition? Cloud-based workflow automation software. To achieve the benefits of a workflow management system, it needs to be viewed as a long-term strategic business decision and not just another IT project. Control and improve every detail that matters, now and for the long run:

A scalable, easy to use foundation: Cloud-based workflow automation software seamlessly integrates with third-party applications for zero-business interruption. Easily create and edit workflow processes that mimic current procedures, without the need for any programming. Kick-off digitization with one process and then expand as needed.
Increased employee productivity: Employees have task lists and email notifications to stay on top of deadlines. Apps keep mobile workers in the loop as well, working from any mobile device. 
Task accountability and transparency: If someone is out of the office or is late on a task, substitution rules take over. A ‘dashboard’ also allows management to quickly view all workers’ activities, remove bottlenecks, and track all processes in workflow sequences. No task remains unfinished.
Precise data collection: Complement workflows with custom, integrated web forms. Have personnel or vendors fill out one digital form instead of multiple paper forms that ask redundant information, and then kick off a workflow to automate the storing, routing, and processing of this data.
Zero-comprise security: Secure document data with access rules, logic, and standards. Customize each user’s access and track actions taken on a document by viewing its audit history. Knowing what stage a document is at gives you peace of mind to easily answer auditor requests and meet compliance.
More time for creativity: You’ve automated manual and/or repetitive tasks by setting up the software to do it. Now there is more time freed up for employees to do innovative work that contributes to top-line growth, revenue, and profitability. Work smarter, not harder.
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