Optimize Accounting Applications with Office Automation Software
Eliminate the waste of manual processes and maximize your current accounting software by connecting it to a digital document management system. Speed up AP processes by automatically transferring the invoice data in your accounting system to a managed document management system.
Here are the key benefits:
• Securely route, store, and archive all financial documents and have data be consistent across the entire IT landscape
• Transfer invoice processing data to Sage, QuickBooks, or whatever financial application, and manage accounting documents within the same environment; an “Invoice Look Up” button in the financial application takes staff directly to the needed invoice in the document management system 
• Simplify audits and reduce the risk of non-compliance by easily providing a batch of documents to auditors with a searchable browser
• Review invoice accuracy and cost analysis, and control cash flow with audit tools
Save accounting staff time and increase efficiency to redirect focus on other strategic goals; no need to add more staff
• Easily send, receive and upload accounting documents via email with a “Connect to Outlook” email integration 

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