Growing Your Business this Holiday Season

While the year is almost over, there is still plenty your company can accomplish. Here are some ideas to focus on to help grow your business this holiday season.

Place Gifts Under Their Tree – People are in the holiday spirit, and in the mood to buy. Motivate them to give you their business by offering holiday discounts or free/reduced shipping.

Jump on the Social Media Sleigh – The holidays are a busy time for social media users, so use them to connect with your customers, promote special deals, and share creative merchandising ideas.

Check Your List Twice – The holiday season is full of significant dates on the calendar (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, etc.). Make sure your business hasn’t overlooked any of them, and design creative promotions around them.

Spread Holiday Cheer – Send greeting cards to your customers, vendors, and prospects. Give inexpensive gifts to your best clients. Provide discounts or promotional codes with each order. Throw a holiday party for your best customers.

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