Gourmet Grocer Automates Accounting, Improves Productivity across All Stores
Kowalski’s Markets is an upscale gourmet market with 12 locations across the Twin Cities. As Kowalski’s Markets grew and expanded, managing paper accounting records became very difficult. They needed a digital system to automate their accounting processes and free up more time for employees to focus on their core responsibilities. With DocuWare now in place, invoices are electronically routed from all 12 locations and then seamlessly reviewed, stamped, and stored in DocuWare. 

DocuWare Benefits:
• Streamlined and digitized accounting process across all 12 locations
• Employees and managers have self-serve, searchable access to documents
• Third-party integration allows employees to retrieve documents from DocuWare right within Sage
• Eliminated more than 40 hours a week in data entry time; employees have more time to dedicate to key parts of job
• Instantly able to perform a cost analysis
• Improved vendor relations

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