Protecting Your Business and Your Brand
Reputation risk is how negative publicity could potentially harm your business. Here are a few ways you can protect your brand's reputation and your business.

Know what’s already out there. Take inventory of the information that’s already been published about your business, your executives, your products, your services, etc. The more you know about what others have already said, the more prepared you’ll be to respond to future critics.

Address the naysayers. Though social media makes it harder for companies to control the messages being spread about them, it also makes it easier for them to address potentially harmful comments. If a customer posts that one of your products didn’t work, reach out to them and let the world know you care about your customers and you are working to make things right.

Create a base. By building a fan base of customers and supporters who believe in your business, you create a group that's likely to support you in the event your brand takes a hit. To build your base, release helpful content regularly.

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