Shift Away from Paper in 2019
Here are 6 digital processes to consider implementing this year:

1. Employee onboarding: Replace redundant forms with one digital form and automate data delivery. An employee fills out one form and is ready to hit the ground running. 
2. Invoice processing: Data entry is replaced with electronic invoices or a combination of scanning and OCR processing. A workflow automatically kicks off the next AP step.
3. Purchase-To-Orders: A PO is put through to accounting staff via a digital form and that order is assigned a number, which is then put into the accounting system. Discrepancies between POs and invoices can be caught automatically.
4. Content approval: All parties receive the same document in their inbox at once for faster, efficient approvals. Set reminders and alternative approval routes if someone is out of the office.
5. Compliance: Digital workflows ensure documents follow a correct process path before the final approval. User audits provide insight into who took actions on what documents.
6. Audit preparation: These documents can be collected electronically via a digital file cabinet with a searchable browser. 

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