Fall in Love with a Customer Information Management Solution: 4 Examples of Why You Need It

Organizations rely on customer service relationship management, or CRM, solutions to manage customer relationships. But CRMs only hold specific data while other documents like correspondences and email are locked in other solutions. The complete customer journey requires that key data be available across all solutions. Introduce a cloud document management (DM) system that connects all customer data throughout your organization. Set up your customer service team for excellence. Below are 4 examples of how you can show your customers some love this February:

1. Connected, integrated data: Powerful customer data is locked up in disconnected silos. Real insights come when all customer documents are linked together—application files, PDFs, images, and emails. With a DM solution integrated with your CRM, your team can quickly access all documents about one customer. Within the CRM, they can look up documents without switching back and forth between systems. You have a system of high-quality, consistent data no matter where it’s being accessed from.

2. Delighting customers: Put your best foot forward. Customer expectations are now defined by their bestand fastest experiences online and on mobile devices. While your team is on a call, they can access the documents they need in seconds and provide the customer with the relevant answer in a timely manner. The quicker the answer, the happier the customer, which leads to increased customer loyalty.

3. Scalability for growth: The volume of information about customers is increasing. If you don’t manage this growth now, when will you? A transparent database, with custom user permissions, allows you to scale as needed to involve all relevant departments for customer success. Resolve more customer inquiries without the need to add more staff.

4. Increased security: The stakes of mismanaging customer information—whether through breaches or privacy violations—are growing daily. Every day there is word on a new privacy or security breach. Documents stored in a cloud solution are secure and cannot can be misplaced or stolen. This gives you peace of mind to focus on other value-driven strategies.

Set up your customer service team with a long-term customer relation management software. See it in action this month: click here to register for the 20-minute live demo taking place on Thursday, February 21.

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