Environmentally Friendly Printing Practices
Green printing is both easy to do and cost effective, so there is no excuse to not do your part. Besides benefiting the environment, you’ll reduce operating costs as well, not to mention improve your reputation as a greener office. Here are some environmentally friendly printing practices your company can embrace.

Push Recycling
– While this may be stating the obvious, many businesses aren’t actively recycling their printed materials. Make recycling as easy as possible by placing bins next to your printers, and throughout your office.

Print Only What You Need
– Urge your employees to think before they print. Share some statistics you can easily find online to help get your point across.

Utilize Double-Sided Printing – By printing all of your documents on both sides of the paper, you’ll effortlessly reduce your paper use by 50%. Not only will this positively impact the environment, but you’ll cut your print budget as well.

Green Your Print Processes – Scan documents and work with them electronically rather than printing them. Use electronic faxing instead of the old fashioned paper method.

Green Your Technology – Always utilize green business products. Purchase efficient machines that are ENERGY-STAR qualified and include duplexing capabilities.
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