Are You Asking Job Candidates the Right Questions?
To help you determine if someone is the right person to fill your job opening, try posing these questions to applicants to get them to reveal more about themselves:

What is your greatest weakness? Look for honesty, their interest in personal improvement, and a plan to turn this weakness into a strength. Be wary of candidates who can’t think of flaws in their game, or aren’t willing to share them.

Where would you like to be professionally five years from now? The best candidates will answer quickly and decisively, revealing their drive, motivation, and long-term thinking. All three are good indicators of success.

Why should we hire you? Look for someone who can effectively explain why their combination of skills, experience, and intangibles sets them apart from others.

Do you have any questions for me? “No” means the candidate hasn’t prepared for the interview, isn’t particularly interested in the position or your company, and doesn’t think quickly on their feet.

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