Close Security Holes When Workers Depart
Once temporary, seasonal or even full-time workers have ended their employment, be sure to change their once privileged access to your company‚Äôs information in order to secure your data. This includes:

Log-ins: If you issued any workers log-ins or other network access tools, change them before the employee departs.

E-mail: If you issued the employee a company e-mail account - or any other type of account, terminate it immediately. The same goes for posting privileges on company blogs or social network pages.

Workspace: Look under the employee's keyboard and in other "usual suspect" spots (desk drawers, behind monitors) for reminder notes the employee might have written regarding passwords and other security matters.

Equipment: Audit the departed employee's computer or other equipment for personal software that's still active (if you allow personal software on business machines), being sure to check as well any modifications to browsers and other apps. Look  for auto-fills that remain active even after the person who created it has departed. 

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