Fall Check-In: Where Are You with Ensuring Sensitive Document Control and Data Security?
Digital document technology is the solution that transforms your outdated data controls into secure, seamless digital workflows. Get control now with these features:

Access Rights: Regulate what documents and data users can store, retrieve, edit, export, modify and remove from file cabinets. Encrypt sensitive data so it cannot even be accessed by a system administrator.
Audit Trails and Reporting: Quickly produce a report that lists all users who have accessed a document, what changes were made, and when. 
Archiving and Purging: Establish document retention rules at the outset and alleviate your organization from the risk of deleting information too early or holding onto expired documents for too long.
Compliant Ready: Keep information compliant with mandates like HIPAA (privacy), Sarbanes-Oxley (financial reporting), GDPR (data portability) and more.
Disaster Recovery: Ensure business continuity with multiple secure, redundant backups.
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