Construction Company Builds Strong IT Infrastructure adding Mobility with DocuWare Cloud
A large custom home building company, On Point Custom Homes, fully embraced DocuWare Cloud to strengthen their data retention and secure information. They also wanted a solution that was mobile ready and would allow employees to approve invoices remotely. DocuWare Cloud was chosen because of its data security, flexibility and mobile-readiness. 

DocuWare Benefits:

• With mobile invoice access, the builder eliminated a 30 to 60-minute drive back to the office, allowing employees to better prioritize their time.
• They know at a glance where each invoice is in the approval process and if any documentation is missing.
• The solution quickly moves invoices through their process and provides clients with an up-to-date cost breakdown for their home at any given time.
• Electronic workflow has the flexibility to keep work moving forward even when someone is away from the office.
• The cloud solution put in place a disaster recovery plan that had been missing from their IT landscape.

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