Go with the Flow: 4 Components to a Successful Workflow Solution

Here are 4 components of a successful workflow management solution that will go a long way with your employees, and your success:

1) Ease of use: A modern, high-performance workflow solution lets you easily create and edit workflows without paying for programming. You only need to know the workflow goal in order to set it up with ease.

2) Transparency: Clear guidelines let the employee know what to do in a specific task. Every employee can have access to all relevant information for their decision.

3) Escalation: Assign employees tasks and define substitution rules for the escalation of problems and exceptions handling. No task will remain unfinished; the people responsible can react before deadlines expire.

4) Accountability: A ‘dashboard’ allows management to quickly view all workers’ activities and track all processes in workflow sequences enabling optimal performance and work load balancing. 

Ready to learn more? Download the white paper, How To Use Digital Workflows To Create A Paperless Office and check out the blog post “Digital Workflow Do’s And Don’ts For Every Office.”

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