HR Automation Software Offers Complete Employee Management Control - Focus on People, Not Paper

HR departments maintain a high volume of paper. With document management software, transforming outdated paper-based processes to digital HR workflows is seamless and gives managers the tools to increase productivity and focus more time on fostering business growth and talent. It’s now possible to achieve complete employee management control with an easy-to-use HR process automation solution. 

Onboarding with a single-entry form: New employees complete just one digital form which will populate in related fields throughout a series of documents.
• Security compliance: Employee file management keeps data stored correctly and securely, helping to comply with privacy laws. 
Policies and procedures: When HR pushes out new policies and procedures, automation software makes distribution easier and provides an audit trail for correct distribution. 
Recruiting: Resumes sent via email may be extracted automatically and stored in a searchable database. Automatic resume extraction enables HR managers to create their own database of candidates that is searchable by topics and keywords. 

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