How to Win the Name Game
Consistently remembering names can be a beneficial way for you to distinguish yourself from other business connections. Next time you need to remember a name, give these tips a try.

• Ask again. Just be honest. If you can’t remember someone’s name after being introduced, ask for it again. If it’s a unique name or one you don’t recognize, ask its origin or how it’s spelled so you can write it down later.  

• Use it immediately. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Trisha,” or, “Thanks for coming, Don.” Work the name into casual conversation once or twice to help it stick in your mind. Just don’t overdo it.

• Get it in writing.
Ask for their business card, or if they can share their digital contact with you. Add some notes to remind you of where you met, or other important details about the connection.

• Connect the name. It can be silly or practical, but use something familiar to help connect the person’s name to something you can easily remember. Whether it’s “Suzy sells seashells,” or “George of the Jungle,” pick something that works for you.

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