Tips for Tipping DMS User Adoption in Your Favor

When transitioning your organization to a new, high-efficiency Document Management Solution (DMS), it’s crucial to get user “buy-in” before the actual implementation. When you understand how user adoption works, you can plan for it so that it is appealing to your employees. Whatever advantages you anticipate, communicate these improvements from the employees' perspective.

1. Minimized indexing data entry. It’s all in the power of the fields. Your solution should automate key processes and reduce the chances for errors in document retrieval.

2. Greater control over security. Information that used to be open and easy to access can continue to be. But users should now have the flexibility to use heightened security on documents that would have normally been kept in a locked file.

3. Consistent work processes. Some of the procedures may be different, but the processes themselves should feel familiar. The new tools should help them work more productively and efficiently.

4. Easy, intuitive interface. More often than not, employees should be able to just press a button and get results; no significant learning curve required. Note: professional training and support should always be available, if/when they need it.

5. Gradual transition. Make it clear that you don’t expect the switch-over to happen overnight. Based on the experience of companies just like yours, the pace should be comfortable. (This also gives you the opportunity to identify road blocks along the way).

Then point out three important benefits they’ll enjoy:

• With so many tedious tasks simplified, they can get more done in less time without working any harder.
• With the time necessary to manage documents drastically reduced, they can concentrate more on more important responsibilities.
• With a comprehensive, automated digital solution, they have more power and control and can feel more satisfied in their work.
Remember: the longer it takes to get your new DMS 100% up and running, the longer it will take to start enjoying the ROI. Use these tips to get your people up to speed as quickly as possible.

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