5 Ways to Save Time with Document Management
Here are five ideas for saving valuable time with today’s document management systems:

1. Searching for documents: With digital document management, time spent searching drops to seconds, and you don’t need to worry about losing documents or remember how to find them again.

2. Increasing the speed of business processes: Whether you’re routing an invoice for approval, or managing revisions to a price book, these different projects can be managed with ECM, saving what the IDC reports as 4.3 hours per employee, per week.

3. Automating workflows: Running paperwork back and forth takes time. A digital workflow allows you to combine electronic documents and workflow rules that automate the process.

4. Reducing busywork: Digital document management helps you save time by automatically standardizing the document formatting according to your preferences.

5. Improving cross department collaboration: Integrating all of your document types, including email and paper, makes it easier for employees to work together on projects and share information.
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