Keeping Your Business Secure and Compliant
There are several components that must be considered when conducting a security review:

1. Computer & Network Security
– Install firewall systems and anti-malware software to protect information on computer systems.

2. Printed Document Security – To prevent unauthorized access of confidential information on printed documents, you should also limit access to secure information only after proper authentication occurs, such as use of passwords, pin codes, or security cards at printing stations.

3. Imaging Equipment Security
–The hard drives of printers, copiers, and MFPs can store document images and information, making them easy targets for security breaches. Secure hard drives on imaging equipment are ideal.

4. Digital Document Security
– Just as it's critical to protect your printed documents, it is also important to secure your digital documents. It’s essential that you have a clear plan for how digital documents are created, used, stored, archived, and ultimately destroyed, in order to ensure privacy and security is maintained.

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