Case Study – Bank Credits Cloud Document Management for Improving and Securing AP Process

Southeast National Bank, a large regional bank, fully embraced DocuWare Cloud to digitize their AP process. Prior to DocuWare, they relied on a paper-based system of making copies and shipping documents between branches. The bank was ready to streamline their process. DocuWare Cloud was chosen because it gave them flexibility, security and a quick on-ramp time.

DocuWare Benefits:
• The entire AP process was streamlined as DocuWare interfaces with the bank’s general ledger software and accounts payable software.
• The invoice approval time is faster; it takes just a few hours instead of a week.
• Invoices are now secure and searchable; they are never lost in transit or left on someone’s desk.
• The bank is more efficient with the same amount of staff; there is no need to add more.
• Staff focuses on growth-value work instead of manual data work.

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