Becoming a Thought Leader
Thought leaders radically change or propel innovation in their industry. They don’t just lead the way, they change the path entirely. If you’re ready to stand out as a thought leader, try these strategies to propel your thought leadership to the next level.

Create a strong online presence. Start a blog. Contribute to social media forums. Write columns for trade publications. Or, host a video blog. Gary Vaynerchuk created a video blog with Wine Library TV and established himself as an expert wine critic. All of these things will get your ideas out there, and will hopefully encourage change or critical thinking for others.

Start talking. Publicly, that is. Give speeches at your local Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce, then work your way up to trade conferences and national events. Public speaking is a great way to get your face, your name, and your ideas out there.

Take risks, and be right about them.
Thought leaders are often criticized early on for their radical ideas, but then get the last laugh when their gambles pay off. Steve Jobs was told his inventive products and ideas wouldn't succeed, but his risks paid off big.
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