Justice for Documents
Initial Situation: With approximately 65,000 practicing attorneys, the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania must manage and store a great deal of information with accuracy. Their largest division is the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), which investigates up to 5,000 complaints annually against attorneys. After evaluating its business practices, the Board decided it needed to revise some of its processes in order to gain efficiencies, better manage its documents, and create approval processes that could be easily reviewed and audited. The Disciplinary Board wanted to expand its use of DocuWare to enhance controls and facilitate employee collaboration.

Solution: Their Authorized DocuWare Partner visited all of their offices to show them how to improve and optimize their existing processes using DocuWare. The ODC’s process starts when a complaint is filed and scanned. Within the ODC, electronic approval workflows are in place, which speeds approval processes. Each of the four ODC offices normally handles the complaints in their own region, but with DocuWare, staff from one office can now remotely work on complaints logged at a neighboring office. This allows the ODC to balance its workload among its staff and easily cover employee absences. Overall, DocuWare improved the ease and flexibility of reviewing and approving documents.

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