Maximize Productivity this Holiday Season
The holidays can be a joyful, yet busy time. So, how can you stay focused at work when so many seasonal distractions abound? Try these tips:

Take a Break Before Your Vacation Begins - Take a day or two off to get ready for the holiday before your actual vacation starts. Having your personal life in order will help you focus when you get back to work. 

Ignore Social Media - Social media can be especially distracting during the holidays. So, dedicate specific times of day to check your favorite social media sites and stick to it. 

Take Time to Brainstorm - Take advantage of the downtime (and overly chatty employees) by getting creative with your team. Take this time to problem-solve or think through a project that you can set into motion in the new year.

Focus on Today - Remind yourself that today is not a holiday. Holding yourself to a “typical day” standard will help you avoid the holiday hype and get your work done. 

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