Speed up AP Processing: Optimize Accounting Applications with Office Automation Software
Important filing deadlines are approaching this month and in April for your accounting team, are they ready? Paper files and siloed digital files may be costing you time, money, and missed deadlines. Even if you use the greatest accounting software, there’s a lot of back and forth to pull paper invoices or related documents. 

Eliminate the waste of these manual processes and maximize your current accounting software by connecting it to a digital document management system. Speed up AP processes by automatically transferring the data of your invoices in your accounting system to a managed document management system. Don’t be stuck in a rut come deadline season; here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with AP automation:

• Securely route, store, and archive all financial documents and have data be consistent across the entire IT landscape
Transfer invoice processing data to Sage, QuickBooks, or whatever financial application you use, and manage accounting documents within the same financial data environment; an “Invoice Look Up” button in the financial application takes staff directly to the needed invoice in the document management system 
• Simplify audits and reduce the risk of non-compliance by easily providing a batch of documents to auditors with a searchable browser
• Review invoice accuracy and cost analysis, and control cash flow with audit tools
Save accounting staff time and increase efficiency to redirect focus on other strategic goals; no need to add more staff 
• Easily send, receive, and upload accounting documents via email with a “Connect to Outlook” email integration feature

Do you want to see how you can improve your accounting controls with document management software? Click here to register for a 20-minute live demo on a sample process, expense reporting, taking place on Tuesday, March 19.

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