When Saying Nothing is the Right Decision

Here are a few instances in business when the smartest thing to say is nothing.

When you’ve just asked a question.
Whether in a meeting or on a customer call, instead of leaping to answer your own question, wait to hear input from the other side. Even if they are slow about it, give them a few moments to think and respond.

When you just want to fill the silence.
If you’ve ever attended a conference call or staff meeting you know all too well that moments of awkward silence are inevitable. But, you don’t have to start talking just to fill a quiet room—especially if you don’t have something useful to say.

When you’re stealing someone’s thunder.
A colleague is in the middle of telling the team about the big client she just landed and how great this is for the company. You’re about to chime in with more successful news of the profitable deal you closed this morning... Don’t do it. Find a better time to share your proud moment so it doesn’t take away from someone else’s success.


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