DocuWare Expansion Gets a Positive Reaction
Requirements: Leading water test kit manufacturer AquaPhoenix Scientific creates customizable test kits with private labeling, packaging and test factors. The majority of their business is generated through custom orders, meaning each chemical in each test kit has custom labeling specifications and quality control documentation. The company needed to move to electronic document management in order to improve customer service and easily access all the documents that pertained to each order. They shipped hundreds of orders a day and stored up to 50 pages of documentation for each order. The company knew it was time to start streamlining its business processes.

Solution: AquaPhoenix chose to implement DocuWare because of its flexibility and Smart Indexing feature that could help them standardize their indexing on orders and invoices. Today, when an order is received via the Web, phone or fax, it is entered into AquaPhoenix’s ERP system and a sales order number is generated. Utilizing DocuWare’s Smart Index feature, the information from the ERP sales order is used to automatically index the actual order, eliminating double entry. The sales order is then used to route the order through the assembly process. The manufacturing, shipping and accounting processes have also been streamlined.
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