Is Your Data Protected?

Here are a few ways your business can protect its data:

In-house Backup – Save your data on external hard drives or tape backup systems. Automatic backup software is affordable, and will periodically back up your files at regular intervals, eliminating manual backups, which are unreliable.

Online Backup – A cloud storage provider can protect your encrypted data for a modest fee on secure servers in multiple locations. Using the cloud for backup storage provides the additional benefit of enabling access to your data remotely from any computer.

Offsite Storage – Backup your files on tape drives, CD-ROMs, or external hard drives, and store these copies in a separate, secure location. A bank safe deposit box is a great spot, and is also tax-deductible.

De-dupe – Data de-duplication software can remove duplicate copies of files from your database, reducing the amount of data you have and limiting the space and cost required to backup your information.

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