Discover Your Employees’ Hidden Talents
Putting employees in positions that bring out the best in them increases their engagement, and subsequently their productivity. Find and unleash your team’s hidden skills and talents and put them in a position to excel, making the most of what you already have. Here are ways to identify and uncover these talents.

Seek volunteers – Instead of assigning responsibilities all the time, ask for volunteers. This is a great way to find out what people are interested in doing, which is usually something they are good at. No one is eager to take on a task they aren’t confident they will succeed at.

Give them the chance – Provide employees with authority and responsibility. The opportunity to shine often brings out the best in people. Having their name attached to something is great motivation to work hard.

Survey them – Use employee surveys to do the investigative work for you. Ask your staff what they feel their skill sets are, and if they feel they are being utilized properly.

Mix it up – From time to time, have people handle responsibilities outside of their usual role. Perhaps they might even be unaware of their hidden strengths, and this is a great way to uncover them.

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