Benefits of Thermal Printers in Everyday Business
How can a thermal printer benefit your business?

Increased Print Speed – Thermal printers are able to print at much faster rates than other printers. This increased speed enables faster printing of labels for shipping or packaging, and receipts for checking out customers.  

Reduced Printing Costs – Thermal printers are inkless, using heat to react with the paper to create images, forgoing ribbons or cartridges in the process. Without the need for these consumables, businesses can save money on supplies.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – Thermal printers contain fewer moving parts than their impact counterparts, which in turn makes them more durable and reliable.

Improved Print Quality – Thermal printers create higher quality, more durable images than impact printers.

Greater performance, better quality, reduced operating costs, and fewer pit stops…all good reasons why thermal printing can benefit your business! Contact us today to learn more.
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