Benefits of Buying Local
Unlike the manufacturer giants that make, and in some cases sell their copiers, multifunction and other office products directly to consumers, your local community dealer won't try to impress customers with their size. Instead, they will typically bend over backwards to provide first-rate customer service. After all, they have a personal interest in ensuring fast turnaround and excellent service—their livelihood depends on it.

But that’s just one of the reasons why you may want to buy from a local dealer versus the large manufacturer. Local dealers have brand flexibility and can represent more than one brand of products. This enables them to recommend products and solutions that most closely meet a company’s real business needs, pricing, and corporate objectives. They also maintain relationships with multiple software providers and will find the right solutions to best serve your needs.

Purchasing or leasing your office equipment from a local dealer can provide you with superior service and unbiased expertise, compared with larger retailers. And by choosing to give your business to a local dealer, you're also supporting your local economy.
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