Is Your Office In Need of an Attitude Adjustment?
A poor environment can be bad for a business, as it can make it impossible to hire or keep good people. No one wants to join a company where they’ll spend 40+ hours a week being miserable. They’ll opt for a job that pays the same, maybe even less, if they think they’ll be happier there. And being happier doesn’t necessarily come from more pay or better benefits; it’s a result of working in a non-toxic environment.

Improving the culture of your office will only help make your business more successful through increasing employee retention and making your staff more productive. According to Accenture, a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, increasing investment in good workplace practices that relate to engagement by just 10% results in an increase of profits by $2,400 per employee.

A toxic work environment full of miserable and disengaged employees is a difficult hurdle for any business to overcome. Is your office in need of an attitude adjustment?

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