Is Your Office Protected by a BYOD Strategy?
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The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has spilled over into offices around the world. Many employees are bringing their own mobile devices to work and using them for business purposes.
BYOD (bring your own device) has become commonplace because of the flexibility it provides, allowing people the freedom to work wherever they are, whenever they want, and from whatever device they choose. 
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Most organizations are embracing BYOD. According to a Cisco study, 89 percent of companies are enabling their employees to use their own devices for work purposes. And with good reason – it enables them to get more work done and improve collaboration, while saving businesses money. The same study found that on average, BYOD generates up to $1,300 of value annually per mobile user. 

While the use of their personal mobile devices may enable employees to become productive, it creates huge problems for IT departments. BYOD puts your data and network at risk through lost devices, hacking, malware, or viruses. However, despite these risks, most business are not protected by a BYOD strategy. A survey by Software Advice revealed that only 30 percent of organizations have a policy in place that establishes guidelines for proper use of personal mobile devices. 

It is critical for your office to have a mobile device strategy because it’s unrealistic to expect your employees not to use their own devices, and allowing unsecured devices to access your corporate network can put your data and environment at risk. 

Your BYOD strategy should include features such as: 

• a remote erase feature to delete sensitive materials, business information, and emails from lost or stolen devices, or those of employees who quit or get fired 
• location services to help you track and locate lost or stolen devices 
• access management that limits users to only parts of your network they are authorized to access 
• application management that enables you to inventory the apps on each device, as well as to whitelist and blacklist apps 

To protect your business from the risks accompanied by BYOD, you must develop a strategy and implement the tools necessary to manage and secure mobile devices used to access your company’s network. Safeguard your data and resources while allowing your employees the freedom of using their mobile devices while in the office. Doing so is affordable to business of all sizes.

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