Collaborate with Confidence
Here are a few tips to help make collaboration in the office more successful:

Listen carefully. Being engaged is critical to collaboration. Actively and effectively listening will help you gain the trust and respect of your team members. Show you are listening with facial expressions and body language.

Communicate clearly. Many potential problems can be easily avoided if there is clear communication. Speak or write in a manner that is easy for any listener to understand, always make an effort to be concise, and stay on topic.

Play well with others. Managing disagreement is difficult, but necessary to collaboration. Be very careful and get your point across without hurting anyone’s feelings or attacking others. Always give and receive criticism in a calm, respectful manner. Allow people to finish making their point without interrupting them. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you see their point of view. Allow all decisions to be decided by a consensus.

Don’t just bring problems, bring solutions. Don’t merely bring to light issues or errors, take the time to think of thoughtful solutions to present to the group, as well.

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